RAILOCK™  Specifications

2.01 Handrail Mounting Brackets


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  • Rail Piece/Wall Bracket Steel: ASTM/AISI Grade 1008 carbon steel having tensile strength no less than 50 ksi and yield strength 40 ksi.
  • Rail Piece: 0.120 inch cold rolled steel with scribe/line-up mark.
  • Wall Bracket: 0.120 inch cold rolled steel with specially shaped threaded rod of no less than 75 ksi steel with hardness of RB-80.
  • Clamping Nut: AISI 1045 steel, with proof load no less than 27,200 pounds and hardness of RC 28.


RAILOCK™  is available in Bright Nickel, Black Zinc & Bright Brass finishes.


  1. Install handrails to meet or exceed ANSI/ASSE A1264.1-2007 and in accordance with manufacturer's mounting instructions, International Building Code (IBC), and International Residential Code (IRC).
  2. Install handrails accurately in location, alignment, and proper elevation.
  3. Provide steel or wood back-up in drywall cavity to accept fasteners and resist minimum required loads.

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Handrail Mounting Brackets

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