Mechanical Genius & Contractor Join Efforts To Invent New Hardware Sensation!

Sounds like an exciting headline; slightly overstated, but at least we caught your interest.

It was 1980 something and our contracting business was asked to install a quarter mile of 2"x6" safety style railing for a senior housing complex with the installation method yet to be determined.

Back in the good old days, the common approach to installing this type of handrail included 2"x4" blocking, a bolt through a pipe as a spacer or an aluminum bracket that was difficult to install. All of these methods were time consuming to install, leaving the contractor to say, 'There must be a better way.'

From that experience, Tim and his Father-in law Andy set out to design 'the better way.' Several new hardware concepts were considered for installing the large wood hand rails. Sparks were flying as countless hours were spent machining, welding and grinding as prototypes developed. Manufacturers were consulted for production efficiencies and assembly methods with prototype testing every step of the way. The end result represents a new design offering a superior installation that we call RAILOCK™ .

Handrail Mounting Brackets

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