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Hand Railing Bracket Features

RAILOCK™ Mounting Brackets have been designed for mounting wood handrails; especially for mounting 2" x 6" "safety" handrail and similar wood handrails.

RAILOCK™ Mounting Brackets provide the beauty of wood. The warm natural beauty of large wood railings is appealing and desirable in senior living communities, hospitals, nursing homes, professional buildings, institutions, homes and the list goes on...

RAILOCK™ Mounting Brackets are easy to install. A contractor will find the ease of installation will save time and money. The mounting bracket works the same, whether the railing run is for a hallway or down a flight of stairs.

RAILOCK™ Mounting Brackets are strong. When properly installed will meet and exceed the requirements of the 2006 International Building Code, per Section 1607; specifically 1607.7.1 and 1607.7.1.1. These sections state that the handrail assemblies and guards shall be designed to resist a load of 50 pounds per lineal foot... and shall be able to resist a single concentrated load of 200 pounds applied in any direction along the top of the handrail... RAILOCK™ , Inc. has tested 600 pounds on top of a hand rail assembly using a 2x6 "safety" style oak railing with two RAILOCK™  mounting brackets; easily exceeding the 200 pound code requirement.

RAILOCK™ Mounting Brackets provide the proper clearance between the wall and the handrail. The 2006 International Building Code and the 2006 International Residential Code require 1 1/2" minimum clearance per IBC 1012.6; IRC R311.5.6.2 and R311.6.3.3.

RAILOCK™ Mounting Brackets offer stability and removability. With just a turn of a wrench, you can remove the railing. This feature will come in handy for painting, wallpapering or maybe you need that extra inch or two to get the washer and dryer down the stairs.

Handrail Mounting Brackets

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